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The American Council of Engineering Companies of South Carolina is the only state organization devoted exclusively to the business and advocacy interests of engineering companies of South Carolina, and is comprised of member firms committed to the professional practice of engineering in every sense of the word.

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    In light of recent events here in our great state, ACEC-SC Board of Directors has decided to postpone the ACEC-SC/SCDOT Annual Meeting scheduled for Oct. 21, 2015 to a later date that is yet to be determined. The new meeting date is December 2, 2015.  Thank you for your understanding and support.     

  • 2015 ACEC-SC Fall Golf Tournament

    The ​American ​Council ​of ​Engineering ​Companies ​of ​South ​Carolina ​is ​getting ​ready ​for ​the ​Coastal ​Fall ​Golf ​Tournament. ​ ​The ​proceeds ​made ​from ​this ​tournament ​will ​be ​used ​by ​ACEC-SC ​to ​help ​with ​engineering ​issues ​in ​our ​state. ​ ​ This ​year, ​ACEC-SC ​decided ​to ​take ​the ​tournament ​up ​a ​notch. ​ ​The ​ACEC-SC ​Fall […]


    The ACEC-SC/SCDOT Partnering Committee met yesterday morning, where Acting Secretary, Christy Hall, presented a letter on the new policy the SCDOT is implementing on former employees working for consultants. Click here to see SCDOT letter. Ms. Hall was open in her comments saying she intended to run the new policy by the ACEC-SC/SCDOT Partnering Committee before […]

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  • Off Session Lobbying Effort

    ACEC-SC, SCSPE and SCSPLS recently kicked off the “engineering and surveying off session lobbying effort.” As you may remember, ACEC-SC, SCSPE, and SCSPLS Lobbyists Joe and Adam Jones began inviting engineers to join them in the State House lobby on Wednesdays this past legislative year. Joe Jones quickly realized that having a constituent engineer when […]


    ACEC-SC Executive Director’s Report

    ACEC-SC held its first membership meeting this fiscal year in Greenville, SC at AECOM’s offices. About 35 attended the early breakfast meeting. Members were given updates on ACEC-SC activities including the Future Leaders Program, scholarships IT and Finance Committees Transportation Committee and advocacy. Also, the ACEC-SC National Director, Larry Hargrove reported on national activities and […]

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The engineering community is interested in numerous issues relating to business as well as the health, safety and welfare of our citizens. ACECSC follows many bills and issues of importance. Stay involved, contact your legislator.

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  • Legislators need to hear from you, as a highway user as well as a professional, the need for additional funds to fix our roads. There are more than a dozen bills already introduced to secure more funds for the highway system.

  • This bill will be introduced soon in both the House and Senate. Many of the changes make the current law conform more to the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) model law.


  • There are two bills in the General Assembly to enact a false claims law which is potentially harmful to businesses; it creates an incentive for lawsuits to target companies that do business with the government. Engineers and architects do not support this legislation. Bill S.73

  • In previous legislative years, legislation requiring the licensure of interior designers has been introduced.

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