The engineering community is interested in numerous issues relating to business as well as the health, safety and welfare of our citizens. The following bills and issues are important.

The state of the economy has much to do with what we may expect from our Legislature. Those bills which add or transfer funds are likely not going to pass in a year when the State is facing continued revenue challenges. Nevertheless, those bills that do not deal with funds should be emphasized.

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Current Issues


  • Legislators need to hear from you, as a highway user as well as a professional, the need for additional funds to fix our roads. There are more than a dozen bills already introduced to secure more funds for the highway system.

  • This bill will be introduced soon in both the House and Senate. Many of the changes make the current law conform more to the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) model law.


  • There are two bills in the General Assembly to enact a false claims law which is potentially harmful to businesses; it creates an incentive for lawsuits to target companies that do business with the government. Engineers and architects do not support this legislation. Bill S.73

  • In previous legislative years, legislation requiring the licensure of interior designers has been introduced.

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