Pro | November 15th, 2013

This year there is more interest in funding highways and bridges in the legislature in many years. Legislators need to hear from you, as a highway user as well as a professional, the need for additional funds to fix our roads. There are more than a dozen bills already introduced to secure more funds for the highway system. These bills and their sponsors need your support. In her State of the State Address, Governor Haley called for additional funding for highways and bridges.  The following bills have been introduced. Select the bill number to view the bill.

  • S.14 (Grooms)
  • S.139 (Grooms and L. Martin)
  • S.149 (Gregory)
  • S.184 (Sheehen)
  • S.209 (Peeler, Sheheen and Gregory)
  • S.210 (S. Martin, Peeler, Bryant and Bright)
  • H.3017 (Ballentine, G.R. Smith and Huggins)
  • H.3115 (Merrill)
  • H.3123 (Crosby, Sottile and Daning)
  • H.3157 (Sellers)
  • H.3231 (Atwater)
  • H.3233 (Jefferson, Mitchell, J.H. Neal, Rutherford and Williams)
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