ACEC-SC PAC Oyster Roast and Silent Auction – February 28, 2019

News, Notices | January 20th, 2019

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Do you enjoy roasted oysters with a spectacular view? Join us for the first ACEC-SC/PAC Oyster Roast and Silent Auction. This event will be held on Thursday, February 28 from 4:00pm-7:00pm at the Seabreeze Marina. There will be several items to bid on while enjoying oysters and other food items. There will also be adult beverages offered.

Join ​ACEC-SC ​for ​the ​first ​annual ​PAC ​Oyster ​Roast ​and ​Silent ​Auction ​on ​February ​28 ​at ​the ​ ​Seabreeze ​Marina, ​50 ​Immigration ​St, ​Charleston, ​SC ​29403. ​ ​The ​event ​will ​run ​from ​4:00pm-7:00pm. ​ ​

Of ​course, ​there ​will ​ ​be ​oysters ​for ​those ​oyster ​lovers ​but ​there ​will ​be ​other ​food ​as ​well. ​ ​As ​well ​as ​a ​open ​bar.

There ​will ​be ​several ​auction ​items ​you ​may ​bid ​on ​both ​in-person ​and ​on-line ​during ​the ​evening. ​ ​

The ​mission ​of ​ACEC-SC ​is ​to ​advocate, ​advance ​and ​protect ​the ​business ​interests ​of ​the ​Engineering ​Firms, ​and ​the ​standards ​of ​the ​engineering ​profession ​in ​South ​Carolina. ​ ​We ​are ​raising ​funds ​to ​assist ​with ​our ​PAC, ​which ​is ​the ​primary ​tool ​for ​political ​engagement ​at ​the ​state ​level. ​ ​Supported ​by ​engineering ​professionals ​who ​work ​for ​ACEC-SC ​member ​firms, ​the ​sole ​purpose ​of ​ACEC-SC/PAC ​is ​to ​elect ​candidates ​to ​the ​South ​Carolina ​House ​of ​Representatives ​and ​the ​South ​Carolina ​Senate ​who ​support ​policies ​and ​legislation ​favorable ​to ​the ​engineering ​industry. ​ ​

Can ​you ​help ​us ​out ​with ​a ​donation ​of ​a ​product ​or ​service ​from ​our ​business ​because ​it ​will ​greatly ​help ​with ​funding ​our ​ACEC-SC/PAC? ​ ​Your ​donation ​can ​be ​something ​as ​simple ​as ​a ​gift ​certificate ​to ​your ​business, ​an ​invitation ​to ​share ​lunch ​with ​you, ​a ​round ​of ​golf, ​or ​as ​large ​as ​a ​weekend ​getaway ​at ​your ​vacation ​home ​or ​a ​fishing ​trip. ​All ​donations ​are ​greatly ​appreciated. ​ ​DONATIONS ​ARE ​NOT ​TAX ​DEDUCTIBLE. ​ ​

If ​you ​would ​like ​to ​donation ​an ​item, ​please ​contact ​Elaine ​Mikell ​at ​(803) ​771-4271 ​or ​[email protected] ​for ​a ​donation ​form. ​

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