Financial and Information Technology Committees – Members Wanted to Serve

Notices | November 13th, 2014

To: ACEC- SC Member Firms
From: ACEC-SC Board of Directors
Date: 11/13/2014
Re: Financial and Information Technology Committees

In our annual planning meeting for the coming year the board spent a significant amount of time looking for ways ACEC could facilitate opportunities for the member organizations to gain additional benefit from their membership. As you know:

“The mission of ACEC-SC to promote and protect the business interests and professional standards of engineers in the state of South Carolina; and to improve member firms’ ability to profitably provide quality services to their clients.”

Two of the issues which affect any firm’s profitability and quality are finances and information technology. Because of ever-changing legislation, growth of our firms, changes in our markets, and technology advances all of us are constantly faced with decisions on how to best manage IT and accounting functions to support our firms. Consequently the board determined it may be of interest to our member firms to explore the development of finance and IT user groups. To support the discussion we have checked with other ACEC state member organizations who have implemented the groups and those with whom we talked all felt it was beneficial to their firms.

As individual firms we all face issues unique to our firm, but many of them may be similar and therefore developing user groups from the accounting and information technology leaders in our firms could be of benefit to all of the firms. It is the board’s intent to facilitate an initial meeting of the groups and have an open discussion of topics which could be discussed. If the group determined a benefit in moving forward, the group would develop a chairperson or facilitators for specific topics and schedule future meetings. Assuming the group(s) moved forward we would propose that at most the meetings be monthly, at member firms offices who volunteered to host the meetings, from January through May for 2015.

If your firm is interested in participating please contact Ginger Booker at the ACEC-SC office (803) 771-4271 or email.

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